Profile Sealing Strips,Rubber Sealing Cover

Profile Sealing Strips,Rubber Sealing Cover

For profile decoration.

Protecting profiles from dirt and dust.

For covering wire running through the profile groove.


Profile Sealing Strips—Inserted into profile grooves to secure panel elements.Dust-tight and easy to clean.Elastic covering for profile grooves.Compatible to 3mm- 5mm panel.

Profile Sealing Strips

SeriesModular Assembly System
GroupProfile Accessories
ColorBlack/ Grey/Customize
Effective length~2000mm

Profile Sealing Strips Introduction


Profile Sealing Strips Profile Sealing Strips

Note: Sealing strip could be customized to any length.


You could easily install panel to strut profiles with the help of sealing strips.
1.Locate the right grooves to install the panel.
2.Embed the strips into the profile grooves.
3.Stick the panel into the strip, please make sure the thickness of panel is adaptable to the strip.


Q: What is the difference between built-in strip and sealing strip?

A: The function of these two types of strip is almost the same. Sealing strip could be inserted even after assembly done, while built-in strip should be embedded in profile grooves in advance. In addition, sealing strip is designed with better seal performance.

Q: Could I use this series of cover strip with the aluminum profile already in use?

A: It depends on the slot size of profile already used. You could just compare the groove of your profile with the matching slot in the dimension form. If the slot is the same with each other, cover strip can surely adapt to the profiles.

Q: Is there any kit in stock ready for shipment?

A: Yes, we have a bulk stock for both profiles and accessories generally used in the warehouse.

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