Panel Clamp Blocks

Panel Clamp Blocks

Stable holder for panel elements.

Generally used for subsequent fastening of panel elements onto the profile groove.



Panel clamp blocks is generally used for subsequent fastening of panel elements onto the profile groove.Stable holder for panel elements.

Panel Clamp Blocks

SeriesAluminium Profile Supplier Modular Assembly System
GroupPanels and Attachment Fittings

Product Introduction


FeaturesDescriptionMatching FastenersUnit Weight


Part No.
Panel Clamp BlocksPanel mounting block (pcs)114.16.01
Panel mounting block (set)1xAN184.16.02


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AN: ISO7380 round head screw (M6x25, Zinc plated CS) + Washer (Zinc plated CS) + St nut (Zinc plated CS)


  • Flexible assembly capacity – can be inserted into the profile groove at any position.
  • Two mounting locations with different heights for the installation of the panel.
  • A square nut was inserted in the center of the block, with which the panel could be secured by a screw connection.


  1. Twisting the panel block into the profile groove.
  2. Sliding the block within the groove to the position aligns with the bore on the panel.
  3. Fastening the panel to the blocks with the matching fasteners.

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