Aluminium frame system

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Stair And Platfom System

Lower main support frame:
80×80; 40×120 profiles;
4080 and 8080 die-casting angle aluminum

Guardrail: 40×3 aluminum round pipe and matching joints connected

Highlights:The steps of the steps and the upper platform use step profiles

aluminum extrusion profiles

How To Assemble T Slot Frames Using Fasteners?

Anchor connector is divided into T – type connecting pin, threaded tube sleeve and top wire three parts, T – type connecting pin at the back end of the taper slot, the installation of the T – type connecting pin sliding into the aluminum profile groove, the other end is inserted into another profile center hole and threaded tube sleeve connection, and then the use of top wire locking, and through the top wire locking tapered slot displacement to realize the fixed connection between profiles;

Anchor connectors need to be drilled in the end of the profile and the center hole before installation, and then the connectors are connected through the process hole, the processing precision of the process hole is very high, if the size deviation may lead to the connection between the connectors can not connect or fastening ability is insufficient phenomenon;

Company profile

Processing Equipment
Aluminum Profile

Processing capacity

  1. 10 years of experience in the development and manufacture of industrial aluminum profile systems
  2. More than 1000 kinds of accessories are in stock to ensure fast supply
  3. The 3000㎡ modern workshop conforms to the Japanese 5S management standard
  4. Seven advanced machining centers and equipment ensure high-precision machining
  5. Experienced engineers that help customers to put ideas into reality

▌ Application ▌

The modular assembly technology of industrial aluminum profiles has the characteristics of short processing time, fast assembly speed, high flexibility, reusability, and infinite extension. Therefore, it is widely used in electronic assembly, auto parts assembly, logistics, machinery production and processing and other industries.

Production equipment

The deep processing equipment includes high-precision aluminum profile cutting machines, lathes, drilling and milling machines, punching machines, drilling machines, tapping machines, bending machines, CNC machining centers, etc., which can meet the processing needs of different customers.

Based on aluminum profile and lean pipe, Synrise Industries (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. offers a variety of components with high quality and compatibility, including:
1、Aluminum Profile Assembly System
2、Aluminum Profile Conveyor System
3、Stair and Platform System
4、Aluminum Flow Rack System
5、Machine Guarding System

We have our own factory of over 3,000 square meters.Workshop is equipped with a wide range of machines, including high-precision aluminum cutting machine, lathe, drilling and milling machine, punching machine, tapping machine, bending machine and CNC machining center, we are capable of producing an unlimited number of profile and connector components, and offer some of the most advanced custom molding.

We offer one-stop solutions that help customers to put ideas into reality, from project planning to frame construction. All components could be handling exactly according to the customers’ requirements through various machining process. Our experienced engineer team can also help with any technique issues and design supporting.

Have a professional technical team to meet the individual needs of the market
We have experienced engineers, designers and professional business teams to provide you with professional technical support and first-class solutions.

Strict quality management system
From raw materials, production, processing to subsequent packaging, we ensure that the goods are delivered accurately and in good condition.

Wide range of services
It is used in electronic assembly, auto parts assembly, logistics, machinery production and processing and other industries.

Production Process

Customer case

Security Fence
Special Workbench
Protective Cover
Plant Rack
Auto Parts
Platform Step Ladder

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