Industrial Heavy Duty Hinges

Industrial Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy duty industrial hinges are generally used in heavy loaded door and lids frame. The loading capacity of single hinge can be as high as 40KG.


Industrial Hinges

We offer a wide variety of hinges for various frame construction purposes.

Whether your hinges need to be plastic or metal, fixed, or lift-off types, we have a model of hinge that will fit well into your assembly work.

Heavy Duty Industrial Hinges

There are two types of heavy-duty hinges in stock, round hole type and countersink hole type.

The countersink hole hinge, matching with countersink bolt, can swing to 180° degree.

Our extensive stock of ready-to-ship hinges is available in aluminum and Nylon options.

Many additional custom hinge sizes and options are available- please contact us.

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