Hex Head Bolt,Half Round Head Bolts for Aluminum Profile

Hex Head Bolt,Half Round Head Bolts for Aluminum Profile

Feature: used with connection plate
Material: Zinc Plated Steel
Color: Sliver Blue


Hex head bolt is excellent resistance to displacement and torsion.The bolt provides a simple and economic way to replace end connectors with more connection reliability. It’s a component that offers extra connection strength and durability whenever you’re connecting two profiles to one another. Easily applied by screwing into the open end of one profile, clamping the connecting profile to it.

hex head bolt

hex head bolt Aluminum Profile Bolt Connector

Note 1: M14x30 bolt is suitable for Profile group with M14 core hole.

Note 2: Please choose the wrench that matches the bolts to avoid damage caused by operational errors.

Socket Button Head Cap Screws

A button head socket cap screw is a screw with a button head and hexagon drive for tightening with an Allen-style wrench. The head is round with a low profile and short vertical sides that suits in light duty applications.

The 18-8 stainless steel button head screws have good chemical resistance and may be slightly magnetic.


Automobile, mold, machinery, electronics, assembling, construction, manufacturing industry, indoor and outdoor.


We are offering following assemble services for bolts connector,

  1. Tapping of core hole on the horizontal profile.
  2. Punching on the vertical profile.
  3. Pre-assembly by threading the bolt into profile.


Bolt connector is the cost-optimized choice for fixed vertical connection between two profiles.
User-friendly, modular technology make it easy to assemble as well as reassemble.
Eco-friendly material, harmless to the users and easy for maintenance.

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