Castor Components

Castor Components

Combine the stability of the foot and the flexibility of casters.

Steerable lifting wheel.

The wheel turns into a stable base simply by adjusting the foot level.


Castor components is combine the stability of foot and flexibility of casters.Steerable lifting wheel.The wheel turns into a stable base simply by adjusting the foot level.

Castor Components

SeriesModular Assembly System
GroupGround Fittings
MaterialLight Wheel: polyurethane/ Foot: Cast steel (electrophoresis)
 Heavy Wheel: PA/ Foot: Cast steel (electrophoresis)
Product Introduction


Dimension ImageDescriptionMatching Fastener SetsLoading Capacity


Unit Weight




Part No.
Castor Components4040 lightweight4xH+4xP110503.95PG4040.
4080 lightweight3xH+1xAE+4xP110503.95PG4040.
4545 lightweight4xT+4xP110503.95PG4545.
4590 lightweight3xT+1xAE+4xP110503.95PG4545.
Castor Components4040 heavyweight4xH+4xP360004.65PG4040.
4080 heavyweight3xH+1xAE+4xP360004.65PG4040.
4545 heavyweight4xT+4xP360004.65PG4545.
4590 heavyweight3xT+1xAE+4xP360004.65PG4545.
Castor ComponentsFeatures
  • Flexible for transportation of equipment frames from place to place.
  • Stable enough to fix a frame at a specific position.
  • Combination of mobility and stability for loading shelves and workbenches.

The frame can move from place to place easily only by raising the feet. It means that mobile workstations or material racks can be easily pushed to their next place of use.

The castors with leveling feet could be fastened to the profile frame easily by screwing to the grooves with compatible bolts and nuts.

Leveling castors come with a robust connecting plate (165 x 165 mm) that is fixed to the profiles with four screws, a swivel castor, and an adjustable foot.

  • For 40×40 and 45×45 profile frames, the leveling castor could be screwed to the grooves with 4 sets of square nuts and hex socket bolts.
  • For 40×80 and 45×90 frames, the plate could be assembled to the frame with 4 sets of fasteners (3 to the grooves and 1 to the end face of the column profile).
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