Industrial Welded Mesh

Industrial Welded Mesh

Steel mesh is used for protective fences, and equipment guard frames.

Steel wire (straight wires)

Wire thickness: 3 mm

Mesh: 30 mm


Industrial Welded Mesh

SeriesModular Assembly System
GroupPanels and Attachment Fittings
MaterialWelded wire
Surface TreatmentSpray

Product Introduction

  • Steel meshes have good stability and inherent rigidity. Even light structure is qualified as a frame.
  • The wires are welded together at each cross-over point to avoid becoming out of shape.
  • Welded mesh surface is powder-coated or painted, for the purposes of increasing resistance to corrosion or identification.

Customizing the Exact Size of Industrial Welded Mesh

  1. The maximum effective size of the mesh is 1700 x 1200 mm. If a larger area is needed, we suggest adding several cross-beams for mesh installation.
  2. L (length of mesh in the frame) = inside frame length + 10mm; W (width of mesh in the frame) = inside frame width + 10mm.
  3. Notification on cutting to size service: considering the behavior of the material during the cut, the cut-off tolerances are in DIN ISO 2768 tolerance class c.

Related Popular Products

  • Wire mesh buckle: 2-3 blocks per meter can optimize the stability of mesh in the frame (the optimum distance between mounting blocks is 300mm).
  • Anchor joint: for better installation adaptability between mesh and frame, we recommend an anchor joint as the connector for the profiles.
  • Strut profile PG20-PG60: the welding mesh can adapt to all the profile groups we are offering with compatible mesh blocks.

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