Aluminum Profile Cabinet Locks

Aluminum Profile Cabinet Locks

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Easy and fast connection with profiles.

Provide security against unauthorized entry via swing or sliding doors.


Cabinet locks easy and fast connection with profiles.Provide security against unauthorized entry via swing or sliding doors.

Aluminum Profile Cabinet Locks

SeriesModular Assembly System
GroupDoor and Window Fittings
MaterialCast Zinc
Cabinet Locks Product Introduction


DescriptionFeaturesPG1PG2Unit Weight


Part No.
Locker 4040Cabinet LocksPG40PG4058440.4.17
  • Lockable securing mechanisms for swing doors. Suitable for fitting to industrial profiles or integrating into door constructions.
  • Particularly stable and safe
  • No profile machining required
  • Quick open and self-locking
  • Anti-dust machine enclosure with authorization security – The enclosure can protect the precise instruments from dust and pollution from external as well as keep the equipment reaching from unauthorized users.
  • Safety cabinet – For confidential document keeping, the lockers of the cabinet can effectively prevent unauthorized employees from access to them.
  • Machine guard – The lock can be assembled to the doors of the protective fence, which could ensure that unrelated people are unable to enter.
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