Aluminum Removable Hinge

Aluminum Removable Hinge

The aluminum removable hinge could be used for doors and windows that designed to disassemble and install frequently and easily.


Aluminum Removable Hinge

We offer a wide variety of aluminum hinges for various frame construction purposes.

Whether your hinges need to be plastic or metal, fixed, or lift-off types, we have a model of hinge that will fit well into your assembly work.

Lift-off hinges

Lift-off hinges are a popular choice for removable door or window needs. It is commonly called the removable hinge, detachable hinge, and take apart hinge due to its loose joint parts.

You can remove the door and window easily because the hinge can be taken apart from the frame, or even put it back together for reassembly purpose. This is perfect choice for application requiring detaching and reattaching a door or window.

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