Warehouse Divider

Warehouse Divider

Warehouse divider could be easily designed and built with t slot aluminum profile system. If you need to divide a large warehouse or divide the space of industrial plant into several parts, DLRT has a modular dividing solution for you.


If you need to divide a large warehouse or separate warehouse floor-space in the industrial plant, DLRT can always offer a solution with the integrated aluminum profile system.


In most cases, a large industrial factory or warehouse would require several different production processes to share one building or floor. There might be problems with this situation that these production processed might not share the space safely and economically.


The customized partition walls could be assembled with the following kits:

⚪T Slot Aluminum Profile Frame

⚪Anchor Connectors

⚪40-40 Angle Brackets

⚪Mesh Nuts


⚪Mesh, Acrylic or ACP


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