T Slot Aluminium Profile Slide Nut

T Slot Aluminium Profile Slide Nut

Power-locking profile connections of heavy loaded frames.Simple fastening for accessories.Sliding into the T-slots of profiles from either side.


Aluminium profile t nut —Simple fastening for components.Could be inserted into an existing profile structure and turned by tightening 90° to lock into the slot.

aluminium profile t nut

SeriesAluminum Profile Assembly System
MaterialZinc plated CS

aluminium profile t nut Product Introduction

T-Nut T-Nut

Note: The actual 8×19.5 T-Nuts for PG40-PG60 are the same, for the purpose of correctly classification and assembly, please select the Par No. matching to the profile group you use.

Advantage of T-nut

  • Different from T nuts, the hammerhead nuts could be inserted to a constructed frame afterwards. Making it much convenient for users to attach accessories to completed structure.
  • Assembly and disassembly could be very efficient with the pre-set nuts.
  • Though the T nut is not as strength as pre-set nuts, it is still reliable for medium loading duties. For the fastening tasks for some functional accessories, such as lockers, handles, this series of T nuts can totally meet the connection requirements.

About T-Nut

Type:High quality hammer head drop in T slot nutd

Easy to install:Can be directly into the aluminum slot hole in any of the assembly post,which make installation very simple and reliable

Widely application:T nut widely used for building industrial aluminum frame structures,3D printers,CNC rounters,CNC laser cutters,robotics projects,3D carvers,machine guards,workstation,etc

Assembly Tips

●Since this series of nuts is pre-set type, it should be slide into the profile grooves before connecting profiles, or the end of the frame will be closed.

●Classification of components before construction helps a lot to avoid any reassemble caused by the wrong position.

●For those frames designed for the heavy-loaded purpose, we recommend the pre-set nuts instead of post-set ones for stable assembly.

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