Sliding T-Nut, Pre-Set Nut, Industrial Aluminum Profile Accessories

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Sliding T-Nut, Pre-Set Nut, Industrial Aluminum Profile Accessories

Power-locking profile connections of heavy loaded frames.Simple fastening for accessories.Sliding into the T-slots of profiles from either side.


Sliding T-Nut,suitable for T-slot aluminum extrusion profile.

Sliding T-Nut

SeriesAluminum Profile Assembly System
MaterialZinc plated CS

square nut Product Introduction

Sliding T-Nut Sliding T-Nut

Note: Though the nuts for PG40-PG60 are the same, for the purpose of correctly counting and assembly, please use the corresponding Part No. for each single series.

About Sliding T-Nut

  • Materia:High quality carbon steel,have high hardness,surface is zinc-plated for good rust resistance.
  • Pre-set nut can only be inserted into T slot from the end profile,it owns the most excellent connection strength and reliability.Very easy to be slide into T slot of aluminum profile.
  • 2020 series aluminum profiles sliding T-nuts widely used for building industrial aluminum frame structures,3D printers,CNC Routers,CNC laser cutters,Robotics Projects,etc.
Assembly Tips

●Since this series of nuts is pre-set type, it should be slide into the profile grooves before connecting profiles, or the end of the frame will be closed.

●Classification of components before construction helps a lot to avoid any reassemble caused by the wrong position.

●For those frames designed for the heavy-loaded purpose, we recommend the pre-set nuts instead of post-set ones for stable assembly.


Q: What if there are defective nuts in the package after receiving?

A: We have strict QC process to ensure each component meets the quality standard. In addition, for each order, there are spare fasteners to prevent the construction process from being delayed by some unexpected issues.


Q: What should be done if the nuts installed to the wrong slot during construction?

A: As mentioned in the tips, a plan before is the best way to avoid wrong installation. But if it happens, the only way to attach the pre-set nuts to the correct position is disassemble the constructed frame and restart the whole process.


Q: How could I choose the right size?

A: Once you have decided the profile group, the slot model is already determined. Please refer to the Matching PG column in the dimension form and select the suitable D option (D size should be consistent with bolt size). Besides, we are offering 7/24 online service, please have no hesitate to contact us for helpful advices.

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