Shrapnel Nut Block,Industrial Aluminum Profile Accessories

Shrapnel Nut Block,Industrial Aluminum Profile Accessories

Feature: Drop in the slot of profile,Securely held in position
Material: Zinc Plated Steel
Color: Sliver Blue




Shrapnel nut block can be freely assemble into profile grooves.Securely held in position.

Shrapnel Nut Block

  • the spring assists with assembly and positioning of nuts
  • flexible and efficient assembly, both pre-setting and post-setting are supported
  • mainly used in frame constructed from PG30-PG60 with slot 8
DescriptionFeaturesDUnit Weight
Part No.
Spring nuts,
 T-Slot Nuts with spring plate steelM45.530.3.03.4n/an/an/an/a
Spring nuts,
 T-Slot Nuts with spring plate steelM48.0n/a40.3.03.445.3.03.450.3.03.460.3.03.4

About Shrapnel Nut Block

This product is a subsequent nut, used for fastening purposes. First of all, together with its spring leaf, it can be inserted directly at the assembly point. The spring assists with assembly and positioning. To connect the nut to the profile, push the nut into the profile t slot, the spring leaf will be pushed inwards. Furthermore, you will have to flip the nut and have the spring leaf face downwards. As a result, the nut will then be positioned in such a way that the spring leaf faces down and forces the nut upwards into the t slot opening, positioned perfectly. Finally, the nut can slide up and down along the length of the profile to wherever it is required. The connection strength and stability is the same as the t nut.


Q: Why the same model for spring nuts 12×5.5 for PG40, PG45, PG50 and PG60 has the different ordering code?
A: For example, spring nuts and are exactly the same with each other. However, for the purpose of easily classification and assembly service, we divided connectors, fasteners and accessories by the matching profile groups. So, if the profile you selected is PG40, we recommend to use ’’ as the ordering ID for spring nuts M4x12x5.5.

Q: What is the difference between Rectangular Nuts with Springs and Square Nuts with Springs?
A: The square nuts with springs are pre-set nuts, which should be inserted to the profiles in advance. While the rectangular nuts could be attached to the profile even after construction. To be brief, the rectangular nuts are more flexible than the square ones during frame construction.

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