Aluminum Center Drive Belt Conveyor

Aluminum Center Drive Belt Conveyor


Aluminum Center Drive Belt Conveyor

We are offering center drive conveyor with various size, including B1200, B2200, B3200, B3400.

image002Motor TypeCenter
Length500 ≤L≤ 2000 mm
Width80 ≤W≤ 300 mm
Max. Load Capacity15
Max. Speed20
image003Motor TypeCenter
Length600 ≤L≤ 10000 mm
Width80 ≤W≤ 400 mm
Max. Load Capacity50
Max. Speed40
image004Motor TypeCenter
Length1000 ≤L≤ 20000 mm
Width300 ≤W≤ 1000 mm
Max. Load Capacity120
Max. Speed40
image005Motor TypeCenter
Length1000 ≤L≤ 20000 mm
Width300 ≤W≤ 1000 mm
Max. Load Capacity120
Max. Speed40

image001Quick and easily adjust tension of belt

image001Centralized drive makes the belt conveyor more stable

image001The aluminum T slot profile is easy for accessories attachment

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The standardized belt conveyors we are suppling are B1100, B1200, B2100, B2200, B3100, B3200, B3300 and B3400. You can choose the suitable belt conveyor based on requirements of conveyor length, width and load-carrying capacity.

Conveyor TypeMotor TypeLength
Max. Load Capacity
Max. Speed
B1100End500 ≤L≤ 2000 mm80 ≤W≤ 300 mm1520
B2100End600 ≤L≤ 6000 mm80 ≤W≤ 400 mm4040
B3100End600 ≤L≤ 6000 mm200 ≤W≤ 600 mm5040
B3300End600 ≤L≤ 6000 mm200 ≤W≤ 600 mm5040

The belt conveyor is used for continuous or intermittent transportation of various light and heavy items. It is designed with large conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, standardized components, low cost of use and smoothly transportation ability. There is no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, which can avoid damage to the conveyor transport with less noise. It is suitable for occasions where the working environment is relatively quiet. Additional lifting plates could be assembled on the conveyor belt to meet various requirements. The conveyor is equipped with a workbench and a light stand on both sides, which can be used as electronic instrument assembly, food packaging, etc.


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