Lean Pipe Workbench

Lean Pipe Workbench

The lean pipe workbench includes everything you need for a productive, effective work station.Table height is adjustable to various requirements.


The lean pipe workbench includes everything you need for a productive, effective work station.

Table height is adjustable to various requirements.

Customize available for a variety of sizes and panel choices.

Product Introduction

Studies show that ergonomically designed industrial workbench increases an employee’s productivity. With RT lean tube system, you have freedom for suitable workplace design, especially for technical and economic requirements. The lean production workbench is a main character of lean manufacture system that provides your employees with harmless material and specifically optimises the efficiency of the material flow.

The whole frame of the multitasking workbench could be constructed easily from lean pipe frames, powerful connectors, accessories, and other lean production related fittings simply with a wench. Any process of drilling or welding could be omitted. The RT integrated lean pipe system offers the maximum freedom of design for flexible production requirements.


Application of  Lean Pipe System

In assembly technology today, solutions are required to be flexibly adapted to the rapidly changing requirements without a great deal of effort. To meeting these requirements, RT offers a cost opimized

lean pipe system consist of green frames, connectors and accessories with which your economical and efficient user-friendly assembly lines could be realized, from a simple frame and trolley through to workbench and roller racks.


Advantages of Lean Tube Assemble Tech

1. Eco-friendly material, harmless to the users and easy for maintenance.

2. User-friendly, aluminum profile assembly technology make it easy to assemble as well as reassemble.

3. Flexibility of RT lean pipe system is suitable for any imaginable applications – even in Industry 4.0 environments.

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