Inner Connector,Corner Bracket For Aluminum Extrusion Profile Frames

Inner Connector,Corner Bracket For Aluminum Extrusion Profile Frames

Die cast brackets are generally used for profile cross connections.

Power-lock connection for heavy duty frames.

Additional hold without profile machining for load-bearing supports.


Inner Connector for the production of various types of frames and automation equipment used by the external right angle connection.

Inner Connector

SeriesAluminum Profile Assembly System
MaterialAluminum Die Casting Alloy
Surface TreatmentBlasting
ColorSilver grey


Inner Connector Introduction

Matching Profiles
Slot 10 – PG40
Slot 10 – PG45×
Notice: Compatible fastening sets being offered for all dimensions of angle connector bracket



DescriptionSectionUnit Weight
Part No.
PG2020×20, NormalAngle Bracket Connecting Components 4.0020.2.02.020020.01
PG3030×30, NormalAngle Bracket Connecting Components 16.0030.2.02.030030.01
30×60, StrenghAngle Bracket Connecting Components 49.0030.2.02.030060.01
60×60, Double101.0030.2.02.060060.01
PG4040×40, Normal35.0040.2.02.040040.01
40×80, Strengh109.0040.2.02.040080.01
80×80, Double252.0040.2.02.080080.01
PG4545×45, Normal50.0045.2.02.045045.01
45×90, Strengh158.0045.2.02.045090.01
90×90, Double385.0045.2.02.090090.01
Slot 10 – PG4545×45, Normal72.0000.2.02.045045.01
45×90, Strengh190.0000.2.02.045090.01
Slot 10 – PG4040×40, Normal50.0000.2.02.040040.01
40×80, Strengh125.0000.2.02.040080.01
80×80, Double260.0000.2.02.080080.01



Angle connector bracket are commonly used in L connection and T connection of profile frames.

It could be fastened to profiles faces with bolts, washers and nuts.

About Angle Connector Bracket

  • The fitting are widely used in high-rise buildings,residential buildings,urban underground pipe corridors,subway,large shopping malls,various exhibition halls,underground parking lots,bus stations railways stations,airports and other projects.
  • Fine Workmanship&Smooth Surface:Thanks to the fine workmanship,the surface of these 90 degree guessted fittings are and flat without burrs,with uniform thickness for even stress,and no welding gaps at the joints.
  • Quality Aluminum Die Casting Alloy:Manufactured from strictly selected Aluminum Die Casting Alloy material that meet industrial standards,the fittings are tough and durable.

In generally, If you have no special requirement, we will use the mass packing(bag + carbon ).
If you want to do the special packing, please advise us the specific details, pictures or design.


In generally, our customer often request to delivery by express, plane or sea.
Any other better way will be also accepted well.

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-molding for profiles and accessories

-engineer supporting for individual application

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