Heavy Duty Aluminum Gate Hinges

For heavily loaded doors and lids

Durable metal design


Aluminum Gate Hinges

SeriesModular Assembly System
GroupDoor and Window Fittings
MaterialAluminum Alloy + Steel
ColorSilver/ Black


Lift-off Aluminum Gate Hinges

This type of aluminum gate hinges is a perfect choice for removable windows or doors with areas that need constant maintenance.

Fixed position Aluminum Gate Hinges

Fixed type aluminum gate hinges can snap into position at predetermined angles.  If the door is very heavy?  Please try our heavy-duty aluminum alloy hinges.

Round hole hinges

Available for doors or windows designed to swing to 135°。

Counterbore hinges

The doors or windows connected with counterbore hinges can swing to 180° position.

We are also offering customize service to create a hinge solution according to your needs.

Aluminum Gate Hinges Introduction
















Unit Weight


Part No.Matching


Al Hinge 30/304xN128281515Ø6.5Ø6.58030.
Al Hinge 30/402xN1 + 2xP128381520Ø6.5Ø8.59730.


2xN + 2xP28381520Ø6.5Ø8.513130.
Al Hinge 30/452xN1 + 2xP128381522.5Ø6.5Ø8.59730.


2xN + 2xP28381522.5Ø6.5Ø8.513130.
Al Hinge 40/404xP138382020Ø8.5Ø8.511340.



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N1: ISO7380 round head bolt (M6x12 Zinc plated CS) + M6 washer (Zinc plated CS)

N2: T nut (M6 Zinc plated CS)

P: ISO7380 round head bolt (M8x16 Zinc plated CS) + M8 washer (Zinc plated CS) + Pre-set square nut (M8 Zinc plated CS)

P1: ISO7380 round head bolt (M8x16 Zinc plated CS) + M8 washer (Zinc plated CS)

P2: Pre-set square nut (M8 Zinc plated CS)


Q: How could I select the right dimension of the hinge for the door/ window of the frame?

A: We recommend choosing the right hinge according to the profiles and design of the frame. For customized service, given the data of H1, H2, D1, and D2, we can process the exact hinges as required.


Q: How to choose between steel hinges and aluminum ones?

A: You can select the hinge type based on the load-carrying capacity required. Aluminum hinges can afford a higher loading weight.

Q: Is there any kit in stock ready for shipment?

A: Yes, we have a bulk stock for both profiles and accessories generally used.


Your various requirements could be realized by our complete industrial chain, including:

  • standard kits ex-factory
  • profiles and fittings cut to size according to customers’ assembly purpose
  • molding for profiles and accessories
  • engineer supporting individual application