T-Slot Hammer Head Nut

T-Slot Hammer Head Nut

T-Nuts carbon steel nickel-plated half-round roll in sliding T slot nuts.
20 series
30 series
40 series


hammer head t-slot nut 

  • Made from high-quality carbon steel with nickel-plated for good rust resistance and better performance, high hardness, and a long service life
  • Can be directly into the aluminum groove in any of the assembly posts
  • Widely used for building industrial aluminum frame structures, 3D printers, CNC Routers, CNC laser cutters, robotics projects
hammer head t-slot nut Assembly Tips
  • Use these Tee nuts when attaching things to 2020 or other similar aluminum slotted extrusions. They are designed with cut corners that allow you to insert them in the middle of the extrusion and then turn into place. They stop when they have rotated to the correct position.
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