Rotary Shafts

Machining of conveyor parts including:
Rotary shafts and drive shafts
Drive plates


Rotary Shafts

We are offering turning and milling machining services for various parts.

image001 Rotary shafts and drive shafts for the conveyor system.

image001 Drive plates

Product Introduction

Used to ensure rotary motion of tension and drive gears on modular and belt conveyor applications.

Pulley shafts facilitate connection via the key.

These shafts, made of steel, are used together with ball bearing support.


image001Driving Shafts – Both Ends Stepped

image001Driving Shafts – One End Stepped, One End Double Stepped

image001Driving Shafts – with Flange

image001Driving Shafts – One End Stepped with Flange