Aluminum Extrusion Pivots,Universal Angle Joint

Aluminum Extrusion Pivots,Universal Angle Joint

Profile hinges for heavy-duty.

Stable connection at any angle of adjustment from 0° to 180°.

Suitable for rapid adjustment.


Aluminum Extrusion Pivots

SeriesModular Assembly System
GroupMiscellaneous Accessories
MaterialZinc plated CS

Product Introduction


DescriptionFeaturesConnection TypeFastener


Unit Weight


Part No.Matching


4040 Swivel BracketAluminum Extrusion PivotsA2xBC59440.4.18.4040.02PG40
4060 Swivel BracketAluminum Extrusion PivotsA2xBC68040.4.18.4060.02


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BC: GB7085 hex socket bolt (M8x20 Zinc plated CS) + M14/M8 thread insert (Zinc plated CS)

J: GB7085 hex socket bolt (M8x16 Zinc plated CS) + pre-set square nut (Zinc plated CS)

Aluminum Extrusion Pivots Connection Type

Aluminum Extrusion PivotsAluminum Extrusion Pivots
Type AType BType C
M14 thread in core bore for both profilesM14 thread in core bore for one profileM14 thread in core bore for one profile
Threading depth 22mmThreading depth 22mmThreading depth 22mm
M14/ M8 threaded insertM14/ M8 threaded insertM14/ M8 threaded insert


  • Freedom profile connection of fixed, freely selectable or adjustable angles
  • Rapid adjustment of angle available for different application purposes
  • Can be fixed at any angle by pinning.

About Aluminum Extrusion Pivots

  • Material:High quality zinc alloy.High-strength zinc alloy die casting material for beautiful and high performance.
  • Used for:It is widely used in the construction of industrial aluminum frame structures,3D printers,CNC routers,CNC laser cutting machines,robotic projects,etc.Connect aluminum profile with flexible angle,and fix them after free adjustment.
Package and Shipment
  • Regular profile accessories – PE film inside and pack with pallet.
  • Profile cut to size – 5ply corrugated carton with PE film inside.
  • Accessories – carton with plastic container inside.
  • Customized package is available.
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