3 Way Connector,4040 Aluminum Profile Cubic Connector

3 Way Connector,4040 Aluminum Profile Cubic Connector

Connector used to join three R90-profiles to form one corner unit.Models with ABS caps for a closed look and easy cleaning.


3 way connector used to join three R90-profiles to form one corner unit.Models with ABS caps for a closed look and easy cleaning.

Aluminum Profile 3 way connector

MaterialExtruded aluminum alloy, ABS cap
ColorSilver grey; Black cap


3 way connector Introduction


DescriptionFeatureMatching PGNet Weight
Part No.

Corner Piece,


3 way connectorPG305430.2.10.01

Corner Piece,



Corner Piece,





For the profile connected by three-dimensional corner piece, we are offering services as below,

●Matching fasteners is available, including M8x20 zinc plated CS bolts and M14/M8 reducing bolt.

●Tapping through the pinhole connected to the corner bracket.

●If current dimensions cannot meet your construction requirement, please contact us for customizing service.


1Q: Is three-dimensional bracket the only choice to connect three profiles from different directions?

A: Not really, beside multi-dimensional bracket, struct profiles from three directions could also be connected with anchor joint, bolt connector, die cast bracket etc.

2Q: What is the difference between multi-dimensional corner bracket and other connection type?

A: As shown in the product image, the corner connected with three dimensional connector is spherical and could be protected with an ABS cap. With other joining kits, the multi-dimensional connecting of profiles could be realized as well, but shown as a right-angle corner. If you prefer a round corner appearance, we will recommend multi-dimensional connector together with R90 strut profiles for the outermost corner.

3Q: Is any further machining process needed to build the frame after we receive the components?

A: In addition to the products, we are also offering a variety of services including machining and pre-assembly. Please let us know your requirements or send us the design drawing (the official software we use is Solidworks). All the machining could be done in our workshop, what you need for assembling is just a matching wrench (available on request), drawing of frame and a little bit patience.

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