Why do doors and Windows like to use aluminum


In life, there are many places where aluminum is used, especially sliding doors and Windows, and the frequency of use of aluminum is quite high. In fact, there are many alternative materials, so why do the vast majority of consumers choose to use aluminum as the main material for doors and Windows?

aluminum profile Weight:

First of all, the weight of aluminum profiles is light. Compared with other materials such as “stone, solid wood, steel frame”, the weight of aluminum profiles is relatively light, especially when installed on some building structures that are not subject to gravity.

aluminum profile Plasticity:

Secondly, aluminum profiles have high strength and strong corrosion resistance. Although the aluminum profile is light in weight, the strength is not lost to some other building materials. Or it is his strong corrosion resistance, so this material can be used in many places in life.

aluminum profile Aesthetics:

Because there is often dirt and things like that outside the doors and Windows. If the wood structure is used, it is easy to be corroded, and then the use of aluminum alloy structure does not have to worry about this problem.

Another important aspect of aluminum profiles is that they are highly malleable. In many building structures, will encounter various shapes of building structures, if the use of other materials, can not be a good fit with the building structure.

But the aluminum alloy profile is different, it has a variety of shapes, can be customized according to specific needs, so the use in the actual application process is also practical and convenient.

In addition to the above main characteristics of aluminum profiles, people are also paying more and more attention to this aspect of beauty in door and window decoration. If the decoration of a building material is not beautiful enough, then many people will choose to give up this building material.

Aluminum alloy profiles have many different colors and different shapes, and different aluminum profiles can be decorated according to the different decoration styles of the room.

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