Which is the best connection method for 40 aluminum profiles


What is the best connection method for 40 aluminum profiles?

  1. Stability: Due to the need to drill holes on the aluminum profile for internal connections, it can damage the overall stability of the aluminum profile, while external connections are made on the surface of the profile. Therefore, aluminum profiles with external connections are more stable than those with internal connections;
  2. Convenience: If aluminum profiles are connected internally, the hole positions need to be fixed in advance, which consumes time and cost. However, if external connections are used, only the corresponding aluminum profile accessories and bolts and nuts need to be selected. Relatively speaking, it is more convenient;
  3. Aesthetic level: If the 40 aluminum profile is connected internally, it is hidden inside the aluminum profile, while the external connection is installed outside the aluminum profile, which is slightly inferior in terms of aesthetics;

What should be paid attention to when opening aluminum molds?

1、 Aluminum profile molding is aimed at customized profiles, and it is necessary to create molds. However, some national standard assembly line aluminum profiles, as well as some conventional aluminum pipes and rods, do not require mold customization and can often be found in stock. This process can take some time to find the stock and save some mold costs.

2、 Products that require customized molding are priced based on the product’s cross-sectional area during aluminum profile extrusion molding, and the larger the cross-sectional area, the higher the mold cost.

3、 The issue of the service life of aluminum profile extrusion molds, generally speaking, a set of molds can squeeze about 10 tons of material, and the key lies in mold design and material use.

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