What is the difference between aluminum alloy hinge and hinge?


1、 Applicable to different objects

Due to the different structures and working principles of aluminum alloy hinges and hinges, the suitable scenarios and objects for their use will naturally vary. However, both are used for opening and closing cabinet doors, windows, and doors. But each of them has its own expertise.

For example, hinges are mainly installed on aluminum alloy doors and windows, while hinges are more commonly used on cabinets. Inverted windows in aluminum alloy doors and windows are generally suitable for fixed installation using hinges, but if it is a super large casement window, hinges are not enough. In this case, it is better to use multiple hinges. Multiple hinges work together to achieve normal opening and closing of super large casement windows, and so on.

2、 Appearance

The appearance of aluminum alloy hinges and hinges is really different, and once you have seen them once, you will no longer confuse them.

3、 Different working principles and force characteristics

Aluminum alloy hinges are usually used to maintain the rotation of aluminum alloy doors and windows when opened or closed, while window sashes that use hinges can both rotate and translate. Due to the fact that the hinge does not have a spring hinge function, once there is a horizontal load (such as wind), it will move the door panel. Therefore, after installing the hinge, various collision beads must be installed, and the hinge itself cannot provide sufficient friction, and it also needs to be installed and used in conjunction with bracing; In contrast, when the hinge is open, it mainly bears horizontal loads (such as wind) and vertical loads (such as gravity). Moreover, it can provide a certain amount of friction and can be used alone.

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