What is T-Slot (V-Slot) and other profiles


T-Slot has been around for many years. It has matured to a solid building system using in industry and by hobby engineers to build everything from machine enclosures to CNC machines, 3D printers and robots! It is strong enough to withstand many industrial stresses and modular enough allow for universal designs.

The T-slot system consists of extruded aluminum of various sizes with a “T” shaped slot on one or more of its sides. The shapes, sizes and designs may be different, but the “T” slot is common to all. The “T” slot allows of a variety of hardware to be connected to the extrusion so that complex structures can be constructed.

T-Slot Extrusion

T-Slot With Hardware

Types of T-Slot

There are many types of T-Slot available on the market. Some of the most common for small scale engineering include:

As show above, these 4 type range from 10mm to 20mm square profile. Each profile has its unique features, but all share the “T” slot function.

Some manufactures produce larger square and other shaped profiles:

Various Profiles

V-Slot with Dual V-Wheel

V-Slot uses t-nuts and is different from the other profiles because has “V” grooves that fit special “V” wheels and allow for easy linear motion:

Above are four different approaches to T-slot, there are in fact many more.

More to explorer

Application of elastic fasteners

The elastic fasteners have a certain shock-proof effect, which is suitable for the connection between aluminum profiles under vibration environment, and can

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