The important role of aluminum alloy profiles in the automotive industry


The automobile industry is currently the most aluminum, and China is the world’s largest automobile producer, so the application of aluminum in Chinese automobiles and the deep processing potential of automotive aluminum is huge

According to the disclosure of the National Development and Reform Commission, 600 million people and one quarter of China’s area are suffering from ubiquitous haze weather, and the CO2 emissions of automobiles account for 27% of the total emissions. The rising number of cars makes the challenges faced by environmental protection problems more severe, all of which call for the green development of the automobile industry. Using as much aluminum as possible to make automobiles is the most direct and effective measure and way to achieve energy saving and emission reduction of automobile lightweight.

Under multiple pressures such as environmental pollution and fuel economy, automotive lightweight has reached a consensus in the global market. Aluminum alloy can reduce the weight of the body by 40%, and it has become the main component of the body lightweight. “Aluminum instead of steel” is imperative, and automotive aluminum is no longer confined to written initiatives or theoretical arguments. Many foreign car manufacturers have already got there first.

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Jaguar’s first all-aluminum SUV model officially launched worldwide. After years of efforts, China’s automobile manufacturers have also had the ability to promote aluminum alloy in the automobile, high-end aluminum alloy sheet, aluminum alloy extrusion technology, aluminum alloy deep processing capacity has been mature. In the future, the automotive aluminum alloy automobile market has huge potential, and the automotive aluminum alloy market space will be about 250 billion yuan in 2020.

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