The characteristics of industrial aluminum profile frame


The characteristics of industrial aluminum profile frame

Industrial aluminum profiles, also known as frame aluminum profiles, are collectively referred to as the universal system framework composed of extruded industrial aluminum profiles and specially connected industrial aluminum profiles accessories. What do you know about its characteristics?

wide application boundaries:

1, used in mechanical frames, supports, doors, industrial automation equipment, workshops and office workbenches, shelves, containers, ladders and so on.

the construction is simple:

2, with modular and multi-performance, without complex design and processing, you may wish to quickly frame the dream mechanical equipment jacket.

elegant and practical:

3, light weight and high stiffness, simple and elegant appearance without paint.

strong scalability:

4, special T-shaped, groove design, no need to remove profiles when installing components, can be installed in any position nut bolts, refitting equipment is simple and quick.

Powder spraying has the following significant advantages:

Simple process:

1, the process is relatively simple, mainly thanks to the progress of the active accuracy of the primary equipment in the production process, some of the primary technical parameters can now achieve microcomputer control, effectively reduce the difficulty of process operation, and greatly reduce the auxiliary equipment;

High production rate:

2, the product rate is high, under normal circumstances, if the measures are appropriate, the occurrence of unqualified products can be controlled to the maximum limit;

Energy consumption decreased significantly:

3, the energy consumption has decreased significantly, in the general anodizing, electrophoretic coating production process, the cost of water and electricity is appropriately large, especially in the oxidation process. The output current of the rectifier can reach 8000~11000A, the voltage is between 15~17.5V, coupled with the heat consumption of the machine itself, the demand is constantly cooling with circulating water, the ton power consumption is often about 1000 degrees, and the reduction of auxiliary equipment can also reduce some power consumption;

Pollution reduction:

4, the degree of water and air pollution decreased, caustic acid, sulfuric acid and other liquid organic solvents are no longer used, reduce water and air pollution, but also effectively improve the competitive strength of aluminum profiles and plastic steel profiles as environmental protection products, and accordingly reduce some production costs;

The labor intensity of the workers:

5, the labor intensity of workers has decreased significantly, because the selection of active assembly line work, feeding methods and fixture application methods have been significantly simplified, improved production power, but also reduced labor intensity;

The appearance quality of the wool:

6, there is a significant decline in the appearance quality requirements of wool, powder coating and can completely cover the kneading pattern on the appearance of profiles, cover up some defects on the appearance of aluminum profiles, and improve the appearance quality of aluminum products;

Surface treatment:

7, some of the physical objectives of the coating film than other surface treatment film has made significant progress, such as hardness, wear resistance, can effectively extend the service life of aluminum profiles.

Powder spraying is powder coating, the process is electrostatic spraying, the use of friction spray gun, under the influence of accelerating the wind, so that the powder particles are sprayed with a positive charge when the gun body, contact with the negatively charged profile, electrostatic adsorption, and then through high temperature curing. It also enhances the adsorption strength of the paint and avoids the paint film falling off.

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