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At present, the transmission of electric rollers is becoming more and more common, and there are more and more applications, especially in the express delivery industry, the development is getting faster and faster. The Singles’ Day carnival is a well-known shopping festival, with sales on Tmall reaching 91.217 billion yuan in 2015 and 118 billion yuan in 2016. This time of year, is a challenge for the express logistics industry, and the logistics sorting center is under great pressure.

As a part of the whole conveying system, the roller conveying line has higher and higher requirements from users, and the conveying parts suppliers are also facing greater and greater challenges.

The traditional roller conveyor line uses the AC motor as the driving source, because the AC motor power characteristics, it carries the number of driven rollers will be more. An excessive number of driven rollers will cause multiple goods to exist in the area driven by each motor.

If the goods need to be stored and controlled in the area, a stored driven roller and mechanical barrier are required, and the motor is kept running continuously, and the use of such a way to allow the goods to be transported forward will make the goods touch back and forth, which is not conducive to the sorting of the rear section.

The DC 24V electric roller is the core part of the roller conveying line at present. As a transmission power source, it is required to be more stable, more efficient, and more intelligent. At present, users are increasingly accepting the transport mode of Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA – Zero Pressure Accumulation).

So, what is the zero-pressure stacking function?

The zero-pressure stacking conveyance of the electric roller adopts distributed control, using the length of the individual goods as a reference to divide the area carried by each electric roller. Each area will have photoelectric sensors to locate the goods, and the electric roller will run when needed and stop running when there is no stock or storage.

If there are goods stored on the area of the electric roller at the end, the upstream area of it will park the goods in turn and will not let the goods touch back and forth.

From this we can see that the zero-pressure accumulation function will have several characteristics:

  1. Energy saving: the electric roller can be frequently started and stopped, so it can run on demand, while the ordinary AC motor cannot often start and stop, so it needs to continue to run. After comparison, we can find that the electric roller can save more electricity.
  2. Reduce the probability of damage to the goods: When using the zero-pressure stow function to transport the goods, the goods will not touch before and after being stow, and the goods will not be squeezed between them.
  3. Low noise: the noise of the accumulator driven roller and the noise of the AC motor operation are louder than the noise of the electric roller operation.
  4. Space saving: AC motor installation needs more space.

Of course, the previous is just a simple zero pressure stacking function, and the driver card supported by Synrise Industry has done a lot of expansion functions in the original zero pressure stacking function to achieve more intelligent transportation.

Data Tracking Function

When the goods enter the roller conveyor line, the number of the goods can be written to the drive card, and this number follows the flow of goods. Adjacent roller delivery areas will have data exchange, goods are transported at the same time, numbering data is also transferred between each area.

Advance Deceleration Function

In high-speed roller conveyor lines, we always encounter a problem – the braking distance is too long. This is because the delivery speed of the goods is too fast, resulting in great inertia.

Therefore, on the basis of the zero-pressure accumulation function, the advance deceleration function is added, and the principle is to reduce the speed in advance and reduce the inertia before the goods arrive at the specified position.

Blockage Error Recovery

When transporting small goods, we will encounter goods stuck between rollers (roller spacing is too large), after opening the function of blocking error recovery, the electric roller in the blocked area will run in reverse, trying to “pull” the goods from the roller spacing, in order to solve the blockage situation.

The IQZonz and Conveylinx series drive cards from New Young Industries are built in with zero pressure accumulation, reducing the user’s own programming time while increasing stability.

Conveylinx series drive cards have many expansion functions, embedded in the form of modules in the original zero pressure accumulation function, which the user can choose to use or close according to the actual situation, greatly facilitating the use of the zero-pressure accumulation function.

Synrise Industrial DC 24V electric roller can bring change and innovation to the transmission line and can help e-commerce to meet greater challenges.

At present, Synrise DC 24V electric roller has been applied in Suning, Tmall, Vipshop and other major e-commerce and transportation industries, and actively solve transportation problems and logistics pressure for customers.

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