Straight Profile Joiner For Aluminum Profile

Straight Profile Joiner For Aluminum Profile

Linear connector used for extension of profiles.

Prevent disposition of mating section.

No fastening functions.



Straight Profile Joiner

MaterialZinc plated CS

Dimensions of Straight Profile Joiner

DescriptionFeaturesMatching SlotUnit Weight




Part No.

Linear Positioner


Straight Profile Joiner 27PG2020.2.07.01

Linear Positioner


Straight Profile Joiner 48PG3030.2.07.01

Linear Positioner


Straight Profile Joiner 90PG4040.2.07.01


About Straight Profile Joiner

  • Used for 6mm slot standard 20mm aluminum extrusion profiles.
  • When it is installed,it is inserted into the pit of the butt joint of two profiles,and then tightened with set screw.
  • They are simple to use and convenient to connect aluminum profiles straight lengthened connection between two profiles.
  • Aluminum Profiles Straight Line Connector widely use to build CNC routers,3D printers,CNC laser cutters,CNC plasma cutters,robotics projects,3D carves,machine guards,workstations.etc.

Cautions OF Straight Profile Joiner

If extension of profile is in consideration of your design, please kindly pay attention to the following matters to avoid loss,

  • The linear bar connector is mainly designed for the purpose of profile surface alignment. Please avoid load bearing with this connector.
  • Please pay attention to the load of structure during design, if the frame faces overload possibility, our engineer team will propose adjustment for the sake of stability and safety.


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We have our own factory of about 2,000 sqm, equipped with more than 40 machines, capable enough to carry out various aluminum profiles and accessories.

Q: Is there any kit in stock ready for shipment?

A: Yes, we have a bulk stock for both profiles and accessories generally used.

Q: Do you provide samples? Free or extra?

A: It depends. For some small and standardized components, we could offer the sample for free (none for freight cost). For those expensive frames, sample fee would be charged or deducted from order payment.

Q: If we don’t have any professional engineering designer, how could I build a frame which is able to meet our application demands.

A: First, we have a professional and experienced team who can help you with the engineering issues. Additionally, we have a variety of standardized frame products already tested as successful ones by many customers. You can also choose from these products, with which you could achieve a faster processing and delivery experience.

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