Custom 20×20 t Schlitz aluminium profile

Strut profile PG20, with 6.2mm T-slot, is designed for light weight structure.


PG20 t Schlitz

Thanks to their low weight and compact shape, aluminium profile 2020 is the perfect choice for lightweight structures, like printer frame, light weight display rack, etc. The frames could be constructed freely with compatible accessories for various design requirements.

SeriesModular Assembly System
Profile GroupPG 20 extruded aluminium frame
Surface TreatmentAnodized (none for section)
Effective Length6000mm
 A long frame (~ 6000 mm) can also be customized.
ColorSilver/ Customized
Product Introduction
T SlotCross




Slot WidthSlot




Profile Group
20x20 t Schlitz20x20 t Schlitz56.262PG 20
Description Moment of Inertia lx(cm4) Moment of Inertia ly(cm4) Moment of Resistance Wx(cm3) Moment of Resistance Wy(cm3)  Mass (kg/m)  Part No.
20x20, 4 slots 0.70 0.70 0.70 0.70 0.55 20.1.020020.04
20x40, 6 slots 1.30 4.90 1.30 2.40 0.95 20.1.020040.06
20x80, 10 slots 2.50 34.80 2.50 8.70 1.75 20.1.020080.10
40x40, 8 slots 8.60 8.60 4.30 4.30 1.35 20.1.040040.08

20 series industrial aluminum profiles due to small section, low bearing capacity, mainly suitable for light equipment protective cover/dust cover, small 3D engraving machine frame, production line display bar, etc.

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