30 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile

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30 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile

PG30 aluminium strut profile with 8mm T-slot is designed for the purpose of constructing medium loads such as mechanical supporting frames, material trolleys, work stations, partition walls in workshop, and display racks etc.


30 series standard frame profile, commonly used in workbench, material truck, factory workshop partition, display rack, material rack and other medium load frame structure.

PG30 Series Aluminum Profile

Material: 6063-T5 Surface: Anodized Color: Silver
Effective length: 5800mm
Cut section not anodized
Strut profile PG30, with 8.2mm T-slot, is designed for medium weight structures such as machine frame, trolley, workstation, exhibition frames, and partition frames.

PG30 Aluminum Profile Parameter

Picture Description Moment of Inertia lx(cm4) Moment of Inertia ly(cm4) Moment of Resistance Wx(cm3) Moment of Resistance Wy(cm3) Mass (kg/m) Part No.
30x30, 2 slots, R90 2.4 1.5 1.6 1 0.8 30.1.030030.02.90
30x30, 2 slots, Type A 2.6 2.6 1.3 1.2 0.85 30.1.030030.02.01
30x30, 2 slots, Type B 2.7 2.6 1.8 1.7 0.85 30.1.030030.02.02
30x30, 4 slots 2.7 2.7 1.8 1.8 0.9 30.1.030030.04
30x60, 6 slots 5.3 19.5 3.5 6.5 1.6 30.1.030060.06
30x90, 8 slots 8.1 62.2 5.4 13.9 2.3 30.1.030090.08
30x120, 10 slots 10.9 142 7.2 23.7 3.1 30.1.030120.10
30x150, 12 slots 13.6 274.6 9.1 36.6 3.8 30.1.030150.12

30 series aluminum extrusion

PG30 with 8.2mm slot width and a central aperture of Φ12. And this series includes 3030 profiles, 3060 profiles, 3090 profiles, 30120 profiles, 30150 profiles and 6060 profiles.

While European standard 30 aluminium profile system is widely used in the frame combination of medium load structure with large stress, high strength and high support requirements.Moreover,aluminium profile system3030 with decorative lines on the surface, which can effectively avoid reflection while being beautiful.

Besides,the matching fittings can usually be connected with 30 profile anchor pins, which are connected by internal hidden way, or by Angle aluminum for fixed Angle connection. The structure is strong and reliable, and it is one of the t slot aluminium widely used in the medium load structure.

30 series aluminum extrusion

Sufficient stock for sturt profiles and accessories ensure timely production and delivery.

Custom Aluminium Extrusion

Package and Shipment

  • Regular profile – PE film inside and pack with pallet.
  • Profile cut to size – 5ply corrugated carton with PE film inside.
  • Accessories – carton with plastic container inside.
  • Customized package is available.
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