Introduction to the application range of industrial aluminum profiles


Industrial aluminum profile is a common profile in China’s industrial development at present, involving a very wide range; Aluminum profile category is very much involved in many industries, the current industrial aluminum profile is mainly involved in construction, transportation, electronics, aerospace, military manufacturing, industrial manufacturing and many other industries.

Aluminum profile product features:

Aluminum profile has many product advantages such as energy saving and environmental protection, light quality, corrosion resistance, fast assembly, etc. The surface can achieve different appearance effects through a variety of treatment processes.

Construction industry:

In recent years, China’s construction industry has developed rapidly, building profiles have also risen, aluminum profiles after surface treatment has a beautiful appearance, super corrosion resistance, is widely used in the construction industry;

Such as: doors and Windows, curtain walls, lighting tops, partitions, decorations, etc.

The aluminum structure has certain load-bearing capacity and tensile strength, which conforms to the principle of building mechanics. Compared with traditional building materials, aluminum profiles have outstanding performance advantages.

Aluminum profiles will not be affected by external and external factors and deformation, softening, with long-term stability, and strong plasticity, easy assembly, good decorative effect, energy saving and environmental protection, rich color and many other advantages.

Electronic and Electrical industry:

Aluminum profiles in the electronics industry more applications belong to the profile, that is, irregular profiles, mainly used for electronic and electrical radiator, wire body, shell and other parts, aluminum has excellent heat dissipation function, many electrical shell are selected aluminum alloy, the purpose is to better heat dissipation, and aluminum profile surface treatment can produce a variety of appearance effects, very beautiful.

At present, China’s industrial aluminum profile market development space for a broad industry, in 2014 China to promote the development direction of industrial manufacturing energy saving, environmental protection, efficient lightweight, industrial aluminum profile is the best material to achieve lightweight vehicles, with light weight, energy saving, environmental protection, corrosion resistance and many other advantages.

Automobile manufacturing and rail transportation:

Aluminum profiles are mainly used in automobile manufacturing and rail transportation; Such as: car frame, car doors and Windows, engine shell, as well as parts, high-speed rail car body and structural frame and so on. The development direction of lightweight transportation can effectively save energy and reduce emissions.

Industrial manufacturing industry:

Industrial aluminum profiles in the industrial manufacturing industry is relatively broad scope of application, mainly including mechanical frame, protective fence system, automatic transmission system, infrastructure structure frame, protective cover, collapse, assembly line operating platform and so on;

Industrial aluminum profiles have their own mechanical structure, to meet the bearing capacity of industrial manufacturing knowledge more with super tensile strength and toughness, according to different uses of different specifications of the profile

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