How to solve the problem of low hardness of industrial aluminum profiles?


When producing and processing industrial aluminum profiles, how to control the hardness is the key. If it is slightly unqualified, it will cause trouble to the users.

1.Aluminum profiles should not be extruded and framed too densely. There must be a gap between materials, especially small and thick materials that are not ventilated. The gap should be larger. When pipe materials, small materials, and sheet materials are combined into one frame, the pipe material is placed underneath, which is conducive to aging circulation air supply.

2.Temperature setting and control: Usually, there is a certain error between the temperature and the surface temperature. When setting the surface temperature, set it according to the actual temperature of the furnace, and pay close attention to the temperature fluctuations.

3.Aging and insulation of aluminum profiles: Aging must be carried out in strict accordance with process requirements, and the insulation time must be appropriate to prevent insufficient hardness due to under-aging or over-aging.

4.Before the aluminum profiles are loaded into the furnace, other special alloys of 6xxx should be loaded and aged separately from the ordinary 6063 alloy. If they must be aged in the same furnace due to production reasons, the special alloy process must be used for aging.

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