How to reduce the loss after the surface oxidation of industrial aluminum profiles?


The oxidation operation for the aluminum profile is to enhance its anti-corrosion characteristics, but due to improper operation may cause the uneven color of the oxide film, the area of the industrial aluminum profile workpiece is too large, the operation is too large in the tank swing, the edge and the center part and the solution contact, update, exchange will be different, which will lead to the oxide film color inconsistency.

When the aluminum profile is oxidized, the amplitude of the workpiece swing is small, and the static treatment can also be done, but when the solution temperature is too low, it is easy to appear map-like speckles, which is unnatural. During the processing of aluminum profiles, part of the aluminum cladding layer is damaged and cut off. The outer aluminum cladding is high-quality aluminum, and the inner layer of the cladding is miscellaneous aluminum. The difference between the two kinds of aluminum is large, so there will be spots after oxidation.

The workpiece alkaline etching treatment is not complete, the local original oxide film, dirt cannot be removed; After alkali etching, there is no immediate light treatment, and the workpiece surface is still alkaline. The workpiece has been in contact with foreign bodies during transfer.

Straightening link is a link that causes serious bending of industrial aluminum profile, straightening should pay attention to the strength used, too much force is easy to make the profile deformation, closing, orange peel and other damage, if the force is too small will be the profile is not straightened, resulting in bending.

Extrusion framing, after the aluminum profile saw the scale, it is necessary to mount the frame, and the operation of this step should be very detailed. Improper operation is easy to cause bending, so we have to operate according to the actual situation of the profile. As long as the aluminum profile treatment aging and hardness are up to standard, aluminum profiles will not be easy to bend. However, we should also be careful when operating industrial aluminum profiles, do not vigorously bump, bump will also cause bending of the aging aluminum profiles, the above operation is good, will greatly reduce the loss of industrial aluminum profiles.

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