How to make the surface of industrial aluminum profiles more beautiful


After the finished industrial aluminum profile appearance is more beautiful, and very dirty, if coated with oil stains then it is more troublesome to clean, in the assembly of products, we need to use different specifications of industrial aluminum profiles according to different load-bearing, the use of supporting aluminum profile accessories, do not need to weld.

First, to provide excellent appearance conditions, improve the surface finishing quality

Nowadays, a large number of aluminum profiles and household daily products are widely used, of which the equal part is mainly aluminum sand castings and die castings, such as the surface of some castings are rough and uneven, we need to use mechanical treatment, so that it can have a flat, smooth surface. Provide excellent conditions for future anodizing and chemical oxidation surface treatment, so that the quality of surface finishing can be improved.

Second, increase the product grade

Although extruded industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum sheets, etc., have successfully created smooth surfaces during the production process, these finished aluminum products are usually no longer subjected to mechanical pretreatment before anodizing. But with the progress of society, users have put forward higher requirements, and they are fond of polished surfaces or “matte” and “satin” surfaces. Extrusion industry aluminum profile selection of mechanical polishing or polishing, may wish to completely eliminate the extrusion lines and other shortcomings, and even can obtain a bright surface like a mirror. If the choice of sanding belt, sandblasting (shot), brushing and other methods of treatment, resulting in matte frosted surface, after the rest of the surface finishing treatment, greatly increased the ultimate quality of the product, the primary product can jump to higher products.

Third, reduce the impact of welding

Aluminum products are widely used in the industry. Due to the influence of high flexibility solder during welding, the microstructure of the welding often changes, and the appearance color is different. Mechanical pretreatment may reduce the impact of welding.

Fourth, decorative effect

When aluminum crafts and household necessities are carried out, many of them need to be elegant and delicate. After some unique mechanical methods, such as belt grinding and brushing, decorative effects such as lines and patterns occur on the aluminum parts.

Fifth,Get clean surfaces

After mechanical pretreatment, the finished industrial aluminum profile will become no oil, no rust, color and quality, so that the clean surface of the aluminum matrix can be fully reflected.

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