How to maintain aluminum alloy profiles?


1. aluminum alloy profiles in the transfer process, must be handled lightly, beware of bumps and bruises, affecting the appearance of beautiful;

2. aluminum alloy profiles in the transportation process, must be covered with sheet, beware of rain, snow intrusion;

3, aluminum alloy profiles storage environment should be dry, bright, ventilated, no corrosion climate, together should be careful to prevent rain, water, snow intrusion;

4. In storage, the bottom must be separated from the ground with a pad wood, adhere to the ground spacing is greater than 10CM;

5. When aluminum alloy profiles are stored, it is prohibited to store them together with chemical data and humid materials.

6. In the installation process, the appearance must first stick waterproof tape, touch the wall of the frame material, must ensure that the surface of the profile of the oxide film and paint film is not damaged.

7. After processing into doors and Windows, regular use of clean cloth and neutral detergent to clean the aluminum surface.

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