How to installation aluminum profile and anchor connector?


The anchor connector is also known as the internal connector or connecting pin in the industry, which is a connection method hidden in the aluminum groove inside, which can keep the surface of the frame flat after installation.

Connector is divided into 90 degrees and 180 degrees two styles, the difference between them is the different locking direction, 90 degrees connector installation lock direction at the top or bottom of the profile, and 180 degrees connector installation lock direction on both sides of the profile, the installation effect we can refer to the installation diagram in the built-in connector.

Installation Method

The anchor connector is divided into three parts: T-type connecting pin, threaded tube sleeve and top wire. The back end of the T-type connecting pin has a conical slot. When installing the T-type connecting pin, the other end is inserted into the center hole of another profile and the threaded tube sleeve is connected, and then the top wire is locked, and the displacement generated by the top wire locking cone groove is realized.

The anchor connector needs to be drilled in the end of the profile and the center hole before installation, and then the connector is connected and fixed through the process hole. The processing accuracy of the process hole is very high. If there is a dimensional deviation, the connection between the connector cannot be connected or the fastening ability is insufficient.

Note: During installation, the positioning pin slot at the end of the T-type connection pin needs to be aligned with the center hole of the threaded tube sleeve. If there is deviation, the top wire cannot enter the positioning pin slot, the connecting parts cannot be locked, and the connection between profiles cannot be fixed.

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