How to buy aluminum profiles and how to flexibly apply?


Quality issues

To understand how to distinguish the quality of industrial aluminum profiles, we first need to understand the alloy composition of the profiles and the national standards for raw materials (AOO aluminum ingots). Then, we also need to understand the production process and processing technology on the homepage of industrial aluminum profiles. Once we have a rough understanding of the raw materials and production process of the profiles, we can better distinguish the quality of the profiles.

Product Application

The application issues of industrial aluminum profiles require us to have a deep understanding, as industrial aluminum profiles belong to a systematic and modular product system with many classifications and a wide range of applications. Therefore, we need to flexibly grasp them; To flexibly apply industrial aluminum profile assembly systems to various fields, we need to understand the product performance and characteristics of aluminum profiles, as well as the connection accessories with different functions. Then, according to different usage needs, profiles can be flexibly applied. If we do not understand the product characteristics of industrial aluminum profiles, it is difficult to achieve flexible application.

Product matching

After understanding the characteristics of aluminum profiles, we also need to understand which connectors and accessories are included in different specifications of profiles, so that we can reasonably choose the corresponding connectors and connection methods in the later use process; We need to understand that industrial aluminum profiles have a vast system of connectors and accessories, and in order to be flexibly applied to frame design, systematic familiarity and understanding are required;

After we have a detailed understanding of the above issues, we will have a preliminary understanding of the application of the product. We only need to have a thorough understanding of the physical properties of various specifications of profiles and corresponding connecting accessories, and then we can carry out flexible applications.

(1) Choosing an aluminum profile production enterprise with a certain scale and brand awareness can ensure the quality of raw materials and production processes, avoiding the purchase of aluminum profile products extruded from secondary or multiple casting raw materials.

(2) If we are not familiar with the market situation when purchasing aluminum profiles, we can pay attention to the current aluminum ingot prices and then calculate the aluminum profile prices, including profile processing fees, packaging fees, transportation fees, etc;

(3) Choose a profile production enterprise with mold design capabilities to ensure the development of new products.

(4) For the issue of project schedule, both parties need to coordinate and try to choose manufacturers that can deliver in a timely manner to cooperate, in order to avoid various problems that may lead to delayed delivery of aluminum profiles, thereby affecting the project schedule.

(5) Regarding packaging issues, the manufacturer can be requested to inspect the aluminum profiles

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