How much do you know about industrial aluminum profiles?


Before introducing the use of industrial aluminum products, first of all, we need to understand the industrial aluminum products and special properties, including those, what are the advantages, we can introduce its product use according to its product characteristics;

The following is a simple introduction to the product characteristics and advantages of 6063-T5 series aluminum profiles;

6063t5 series aluminum profile is also known as industrial frame profile or industrial aluminum profile, mainly used for the design and construction of industrial frame structure, with high physical strength and performance, and industrial aluminum profile has a special groove structure and cross-section design, with its own accessories can realize the rapid assembly of various frame structures, is a very practical frame material

Because of the above characteristics, industrial aluminum profiles are widely used in many fields, below we introduce what are the uses of industrial aluminum profiles

Aluminum profile frame bracket:

In order for the mechanical equipment or instrument to have a supporting base, it is necessary to customize the frame or bracket, and install casters at the bottom, which can be easily moved.

Like the conveyor line frame is made of aluminum profile, assembly and disassembly is very convenient. The hottest frame frame in 2020 is the mask machine.

Aluminum profile case shield:

Some machines and equipment are without protective cover, it is easy to have accidents when using, this time you need to install a chassis or protective cover, one beautiful and two safe.

Aluminum profile table:

Various industries will basically use the workbench, which can also be called the work table and the operating table. There are many types of workbench, and the environment used by different types of workbench is not the same.

For example, an anti-static workbench can be used in an electronic semiconductor factory, and an assembly line workbench can be used in a transfer line. There is also a fluent table with automatic sorting equipment to use, you can do items first in first out.

Aluminum profile shelf/material shelf:

Whether it is the warehousing industry or other industries, the use of shelves is indispensable, which plays the role of managing goods and being neat and orderly.

Aluminum profile clean shed:

Clean shed for the environmental requirements are relatively high, after anodizing treatment, anti-static, not easy to absorb dust, and easy to clean. It is the first choice of materials for clean shed production.

Aluminum profile fence partition:

The fence partition divides the use area, facilitates management, and protects the safety of machines and personnel. With different panels, it can be applied in different production environments.

Aluminum profile ascending ladder maintenance platform:

Mainly used in aerospace, high-speed rail maintenance, industrial equipment maintenance and so on. The overall frame structure is made of aluminum profiles, bearing capacity can reach 2000-3000 kg, with different pedals, can apply to the requirements of different places.

Aluminum whiteboard frame display frame:

The white board shelf can be used in the office or in the factory for information display and dissemination. The application of the display shelf can be outdoor or indoor.

Aluminum profile auto inspection tool:

Including car bracket, car display stand, car seat, car test stand, etc., are made of aluminum.

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