Extra thick plate how to cut processing?


1, before cutting the extra-thick plate, it is necessary to choose the specific cutting method first. Different regions have different ways of cutting the plate, and the cutting effect will also be different. In general, when cutting the plate with fiber laser, its speed is relatively fast, the incision is relatively small and the cutting process is better, but it also has certain limitations, that is, the plate can not be too thick, otherwise it is not easy to operate. For the high-pressure water cutting method of cutting plates, it can first deform the aluminum profile and then cut it off smoothly. Although the final cutting process is better, the cost will be relatively high.

2, the choice of price. Before cutting the plate, pay attention to decide which cutting method to choose according to the performance requirements of the subsequent production objects. Generally, for plates with high process requirements, it is best to choose the cutting method of fiber laser for cutting, and for materials with not high cutting process requirements, it can be cut directly with the help of flame and low-temperature plasma cutting.

Compared with the processing of ordinary materials, the processing of aluminum profiles will be slightly more difficult in terms of cutting or subsequent form production processes. In the actual process of cutting and processing, it is necessary to consider from a practical point of view, so that the entire process can become better and bring more benefits to the enterprise or its own development.

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