Causes of cracks in aluminum tube processing


1 Mold taper;

2 Casting temperature;

3 casting process slag inclusion;

4 melt overheating;

5 Casting speed is too fast;

6 Cooling system;

7 alloy chemical composition;

Welding crack treatment technology of aluminum tube

1、Aluminum pipe welding cracks may have the following reasons:1、According to the aluminum profile manufacturer, the welding current may be too large, and it is recommended to control it below 150A. The tube head is burned during aluminizing, resulting in local aluminizing layer is too thick. It is recommended that the end face of the tube head be polished with a polishing machine before welding. The aluminum tube now has cracks with the grinding wheel to wear off the cracks, it can not be worn off so that the tube can be replaced, and the aluminum tube can be soaked in hot water above 85℃ after welding.

2、when the filler metal is put into water while it is hot after condensation, the spray explosion effect of water molecule vaporization causes the residue to crack and fall off, but the temperature of the weldment is not too high (about 200 ° C) when it is put into water, it is appropriate to prevent the occurrence of deformation or cracking of the weldment.

3、 the aluminum profile manufacturer said that the aluminum tube in the workpiece oil removal, rust removal process to add soaking time and appropriate temperature improvement most of the flux layer can be dissolved into water. Then wipe clean with hot water and a damp cloth

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