Application of industrial aluminum profile in clean shed


Industrial aluminum profile clean shed is the fastest and most convenient to establish a simple clean room, the purification shed has a variety of clean levels and space collocation can be designed and made according to the needs of use, so its simple use of flexibility, easy installation, short construction period and mobility are its main characteristics. At the same time, clean sheds can be added locally to reduce costs where high cleanliness is required in local areas of general grade clean rooms. The frame of the aluminum clean shed is generally 4040 series aluminum profiles and above large specifications aluminum profiles.

Characteristics of industrial aluminum profile clean shed:

  1. Modular design: assembled structure, no need for welding, easy to improve the cleanliness level. Strong scalability, and can be reused, assembly and disassembly is convenient.
  2. Selected material: anti-static PVC mesh curtain, adjustable hoof Angle, movable universal wheel, easy installation and maintenance.
  3. Simple structure: Compared with the dust-free operating table, the internal available effective space is large, and it can be used with the assembly line.
  4. Strong repeatability: the module frame can be reused, the cost is low, the construction is fast, and the floor height is low.

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