Application of elastic fasteners


The elastic fasteners have a certain shock-proof effect, which is suitable for the connection between aluminum profiles under vibration environment, and can effectively avoid the loosening of the connection point;

Before installation, holes need to be drilled and tapped in the end and center holes of the two profiles to be connected, and the fastening bolt is connected to the center hole of the profile through the elastic fastener, and then the elastic fastener is slipped into the groove of the other profile, and the locking bolt can be assembled;

Suitable groove typeSurface treatmentMaterial
8 SlotGalvanized or nickel-plated.Carbon steel

Elastic fastener installation tutorial

The assembly can be completed through the pre-machined process hole and the tool locking bolt.

The elastic fastener can not only be used for the connection between profiles, when the elastic fastener is used to complete the connection between two profiles, the convex part on both sides of the elastic fastener is inserted into the groove on both sides of the profile, which can avoid the phenomenon of loosening caused by the rotation of the profile.

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