Aluminum profiles commonly used in the construction industry


There are three basic types of aluminum alloy profile structure, namely, enclosure aluminum alloy profile structure, semi-load-bearing aluminum alloy profile structure and load-bearing aluminum profile structure.

Enclosure aluminum alloy profile structure:

This refers to the aluminum alloy profile structure widely used in the facade and interior decoration of various buildings;

The frames of doors, windows, curtain walls, parapets, partitions, and ceilings are usually referred to as line structures in the enclosure structure, while roofs, ceilings, various types of walls, and shading devices are referred to as surface structures in the enclosure structure;

The wire structure uses aluminum alloy profiles, while the surface structure uses aluminum sheets, such as flat plates, corrugated plates, profiled plates, honeycomb plates, and aluminum foil.

Semi-load-bearing aluminum alloy profile structure:

With the expansion of the size of the envelope structure and the increase of the load, some aluminum alloy profile structure needs to play a dual role of maintenance and load-bearing, this type of structure is called semi-load-bearing structure,so the semi-load-bearing aluminum alloy profile structure is widely used in the span of more than 6m roof cover and wall panels, no intermediate structure roof, holding a variety of liquid tanks, pools, etc.

Load-bearing aluminum alloy profile structure:

Aluminum alloy profile structure can be used as load-bearing parts from single-storey house frame to large-span roof; Considering the rationality of safety and economy and technology, the mixed structure of steel basalt column and aluminum alloy profile beam is often used.

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