Aluminum profile frame 90 degree structural connection


When we carry out aluminum frame design or assembly, in addition to the need to understand the physical properties of the frame, installation needs and other factors, but also need to understand the composition of the frame, because different types of frames are composed of different structures, and each structure will have a corresponding connection; When we have a deep understanding of each structure and connection, we can flexibly apply it to the design of the framework;

The 90 degree (right Angle) structure is most common in the design or assembly process of aluminum profile frames, and it will show different styles according to the role it plays in the frame, such as: L, T, cross, triangle, etc., in order to meet the different installation effects, we need to use different connection methods to complete the assembly, so this is the following we want to introduce the “aluminum frame 90 degree structural connection” problem, we will be detailed in the following content to introduce the frame assembly process 90 degree structure commonly used in several connection methods;

Punch holes and nailing

The connection method of punching nails is very practical in the assembly process of aluminum profile frame, and the operation is also very simple. It only needs to carry out simple punching and tapping treatment for profiles, and fasteners can be used to complete the assembly, saving the cost of connecting parts; The method has two processing methods, namely step hole and through hole, and the fasteners used in the two methods are also different. The step hole is usually assembled with cylindrical head bolts, and the through hole is assembled with semi-round head bolts and elastic fasteners, which can play a role in preventing rotation.

Fast connection

The connection principle of the fast connector is to use the top wire to tighten and complete the fixed installation; Before installation, it is necessary to tap the center hole of the end face of the profile, and then connect the connector with the profile using a half-round head bolt, and finally place it into the specified installation point of another profile, and lock the top wire to complete the assembly; The fast connector is characterized by simple requirements for profile processing and easy operation; The disadvantage is that the installation strength is relatively low, and the accuracy deviation is easy to occur;

Corner code connection

The Angle code connection method is used more in the assembly process of aluminum profile frame, and contains a variety of specifications. The 90-degree structure is used as an example, including: cast aluminum corner parts (4040, 4080, 8080), profile corner parts (4040, 4080, 8080), etc., which are respectively suitable for the assembly connection between the 90-degree structure of different specifications aluminum profiles; The advantage of corner code connection is that the operation is simple, only need to cut the profile according to the technical requirements can be assembled using corner code;

Two or three dimensional angular connections

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional Angle connectors are suitable for the connection of different types of frame 90 degree structure, two-dimensional Angle connectors are suitable for the plane frame 90 degree structure connection, can connect two profiles at the same time, and three-dimensional Angle connectors are suitable for three-dimensional frame 90 degree structure connection, can connect three profiles at the same time; Before the assembly of the two connectors, it is necessary to tap the center hole of the end face of the profile, and then use the flat bolt to fix the connection;

Built-in connection

The built-in connection method is very practical in the assembly process of aluminum profile frame, with high connection strength, strong flexibility and beautiful installation effect; The built-in connector is divided into three parts, including T-nut, cylindrical head bolt and whistle. Before assembly, the installation process holes need to be drilled in the specified position of the profile, and then the cylindrical head bolt is passed through the central hole of the whistle and connected with the T-nut in the profile slot. The built-in connection mode can be selected as single side installation or double side installation, depending on the connection strength;

Built-in connection

The application of the built-in connection method in the assembly process of aluminum profile frame is not much, mainly because the use of the built-in connection method requires cumbersome processing of the profile, and the processing accuracy is very high, if the accuracy deviation, it can not complete the assembly; But this does not mean that the built-in connection is not practical, in some specific installation conditions, can only rely on the connection to complete the assembly of the frame; The internal connecting parts are divided into 90 degrees and 180 degrees, which are suitable for different installation angles;

Through the above introduction, we can see that the 90-degree structural connection in the assembly process of aluminum profile frame can be achieved through a variety of ways, but it does not mean that each connection method is more reasonable, so we need to choose the corresponding connection method reasonably according to the position of the structure in the frame, and the later installation needs and other factors;

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