Aluminum profile automatic production line advantages


Aluminum profile oxidation automatic production line is our country’s emerging automation equipment in recent years, the production line to save labor costs, reduce chemical consumption, workshop environment clean, stable product quality, high production efficiency and get the aluminum profile industry is generally welcomed.

The automatic production line is mainly composed of automatic driving, automatic power supply (oxidation, coloring, electrophoresis), automatic span car, automatic workpiece conveying system, automatic electrophoresis curing furnace, and upper and lower discharge system. Here we make a general introduction to the automatic production line, and later we will describe the characteristics and applications of each part.

Aluminum profile automatic production line advantages

(1) Driving is no longer manually operated, so it solves the problems of out-of-control product quality, excessive consumption of chemicals and high cost of wastewater treatment that are often encountered by manual lines.

(2) The process steps and washing time of the workpiece are executed in accordance with the set process time, and there are no problems such as job-hopping, reducing the washing time, insufficient inclination of the workpiece, and insufficient dripping time, so the problem of unstable product quality that often occurs on the manual production line because the driving operator is not strict in executing the process is eliminated.

(3) When workers operate on the manual production line, often due to the lack of workpiece inclination and insufficient dripping time, industrial aluminum profiles lead to more chemicals adhering to the workpiece into the next process, resulting in greater chemical consumption.

(4) On the manual production line, due to the large consumption of chemical drugs, the cleaning water must be increased to clean the workpiece. This in turn increases the amount of wastewater treated, thus increasing the cost of wastewater treatment.

(5) Reduce the number of operators and improve the efficiency of enterprises. In the automatic production line, the driving car, the over-span car, the curing furnace, the power supply, etc., do not need manual operation, and the industrial aluminum profile therefore reduces the number of operators, thereby improving the efficiency of the enterprise.

(6) Safe and reliable, reduce accidents. On the oxidation production line, most of the causes of general accidents are illegal operations, and the use of automated production lines can completely avoid accidents caused by illegal operation of equipment.

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